Best Drawing Neural Network 2022 [DALL-E and Beyond]

And by the end of 2025, artificial intelligence will have replaced 85 million jobs, including creative jobs. Thanks to these networks, DALL-E neural network have already learned how to paint pictures, write scripts, and create music composition, as well as sell them at auctions for big money.

In this article, we will find out what else neural networks can do, how they can mimic humans so well, and where they can replace humans. And we will definitely try to generate something ourselves.

Google’s drawing neural network [DALL-E and Beyond]

Best Drawing Neural Network 2022 [DALL-E and Beyond]
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Google was the first to teach neural networks in creating pictures, which were one of them. A team of engineers developed the DeepDream computer vision algorithm back in 2015. The process uses convolutional neural networks, which are good at recognizing images.

DeepDream is not able to fully paint pictures, it can only generate new images based on the received material. The work of the neural network is still in demand. According to the website of Christie’s, a painting of artificial intelligence was sold at auction for 432 thousand dollars.


Best Drawing Neural Network 2022 [DALL-E and Beyond]

StyleGAN2 is a neural network with two algorithms that compete with each other. It’s like a counterfeiter-Central Bank and a counterfeiter-Central Bank: the first is constantly coming up with new ways to counterfeit money, and the second is learning to separate the real from the fake. The evolution of the system is happening. There is another option – the generator draws pictures and the discriminator calculates them by their resemblance to the real picture.

DALL-E [DALL-E and Beyond]

Best Drawing Neural Network 2022 [DALL-E and Beyond]

In January 2021, OpenAI developed a new neural network, DALL-E, that can translate text into images. Text-to-Image neural algorithms are the trend of 2021. It is much more like a real artist: you formulate the ToR → the neural network paints a picture.

In April 2022, the neural network was updated to version DALL-E 2.0. You can check how the neural network draws here.

Singularis Lab

Best Drawing Neural Network 2022 [DALL-E and Beyond]

Singularis Lab has a convolutional neural network that allows you to determine the genre and style of a picture. All you have to do is upload a file to the system and the algorithm gives you the result.

Download the image. The demo is available from any device with Internet access. You can upload any image, even a photo of your notebook. The neural network will classify it according to its knowledge base in any case.


It seems that artificial intelligence does not yet claim to be an autonomous creator. Neural networks are ready to become a source of inspiration for the artist, a tool to find new forms of self-expression or even his right hand. But the machine still acts within the limits set by a human. To some extent, the result of its work is predictable: a neural network programmed for a portrait is unlikely to create a still life.

It is also interesting to see how modern artist learns the art of creating with machines, and what’s more important is that artificial intelligence is transforming creativity in order to help bring ideas to life using technology. That’s what we should keep an eye on. New reason to discuss the beautiful, a chance for an experience of different views on life. This is also one way that you can see the world through the eyes of other people. Not that is what we like art for?