How to Draw Mushroom (7 Easy steps)

How to draw mushroom

This lesson is about how to draw mushroom. Let’s see what mushrooms are. Of course, they are very different, a lot of them different in quality characteristics, that is, edible and inedible is, for example, I have a ceps, and this is a famous beauty fly agaric, but there is one common thing that unites them, this leg and cap. Graphic artists love to draw mushrooms illustrating fairy tales they often give them human character traits good or evil.

If you want to learn how to draw Mushroom in 2023, this is the guide for you!

How to draw mushroom: Step 1

image 30

Where to start the composition and how to draw mushroom? of course with the format, it will be horizontal, because the composition needs to draw a large mushroom with a massive cap, thick stalk, and around them show the grass and flowers? this format will be the most optimal. Let’s determine the middle of the leaf. Approximately by eye we put a mark and clamp the pencil with our fingers? so that the tip is equal to the twig.

How to draw mushroom: Step 2

image 31

We have accurately marked the middle, yes now you can see my fingers on the marker, and the pencil tip on the edge of the sheet will draw a short stroke somewhere here. We put a horizontal stroke in order to know to what length or to what size to introduce a vertical line. Again we clamp the pencil in our hands, put the same mark at the bottom and draw a line. When you begin to draw a line, your eyes should be on the bottom marker, that is where you are drawing the pencil.

How to draw mushroom: Step 3

image 32

Vertical line around which will be drawn mushroom we have. Now, with short strokes, we mark how the external dimensions of our mushroom. Of course the form it has all known – this is rounded here is such a hat, you have to try and make symmetrical on both sides, if it can do it the first time – great. Its shape is a truncated circle. You can observe that its shape resembles a cone, that is, the top is narrowed by our stem, it turns out as if a truncated cone.

How to draw mushroom: Step 4

image 33

Further we learn how to draw mushroom and its leg and here are such long lines draw, the only thing I suggest is to do them very lightly without pressing the pencil, because maybe you will do more adjustments somewhere tweak, change it, and maybe even in this form and compose already plastic this leg.

How to draw mushroom: Step 5

image 34

Now consider how to draw mushroom classic shape. The dimensions we have marked. Mushroom large and well placed on the sheet. Sufficient space because he is our main character. Now bring a little further line so called land, which grows mushroom and somewhere beyond him another line is a far plan, where we will draw grass. Draw more carefully and more accurately the classic shape of our mushroom.

How to draw mushroom: Step 6

How to draw mushroom

We have made a frontal image now by adding one more line at the bottom we will transmit the volume. We can see that the hat continues as if into the depths.

Now more accurately make the foot. Bring to the end of the line of the foot. You will see that we have already outlined the image of a mushroom. Let’s make these small rounded forms as a kind of ground. You can see how the line that marked us edge of the ground, where the mushroom grows, I draw these lines. Mark the grass near the mushroom. Let’s draw small grass with plastic lines. The first plan with grass is finished.

How to draw mushroom: Step 7

image 36

How to draw mushroom without a background? You can’t do that. So in order to convey space, I draw large stalks of grass. They curve and cross a thin line. Now on the reverse side I will draw one line – this will be a small stalk. I will draw with two lines the direction of the leaves and large leaves. Show the stub around which will form our leaf. It remains only to finish drawing a few pebbles or is it going to be lumps of earth. Sketch finished.

And now let’s color the mushroom

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Share with us your drawings of mushrooms from the forest.