Coloring Book Mandala [6 Great Image for Relaxation]

Coloring Book Mandala are becoming increasingly popular among fans of coloring and are increasingly used in art therapy. The reason for this success lies in the intertwining geometric shapes, the coloring of which gives a soothing and meditative effect. The word mandala means “sacred circle.” This basic figure is found everywhere in nature: the snowflake and the spiral galaxy are also mandalas. In Eastern cultures, the mandala is a symbol of wholeness and eternity. Creating a mandala is an intuitive process, so don’t ponder the choice of color and follow your intuition.

Coloring Book Mandala of Prosperity

Choose a suitable green color and begin to color the thirty fan-shaped leaves of the gingko tree arranged around a central figure resembling the passionflower, a symbol of friendship and brotherhood. Color it in delicate shades that would suit this delicate flower. For example, try blue and lilac pencils and don’t forget about the combination of colors! Finish the drawing by coloring the small, heart-like florets around the edges.

Coloring Book Mandala

Visualization exercise. Position yourself mentally in the center of this huge flower, surrounded by fans of ginkgo leaves. You are relaxed and breathe in the scent of the green leaves. With each breath you will receive a piece of this plant’s energy. Feel it flowing through you. Concentrate and feel the immensity of the world around you. The air caressing your skin feels as if it is cleansing you, relieving you of stress and tension. After this exercise, you’ll gain confidence in yourself and in others.

The mandala carries a charge of hospitality, so the best place for it is on the south wall of the living room or dining room. It can also be placed in a frame and placed on a table. With the help of this mandala you will be able to establish good relations with people around you.

Coloring Book Mandala

Coloring Book Mandala of spiritual development

Coloring It is best to start coloring from the center of this stylized sea urchin. This will give you the opportunity to focus all of your attention on the star, which represents light and hope. Concentrate all your positive thoughts on this figure. To make this central mandala element clearly visible, choose brighter colors for it. Then move on to the eight parts of the sea urchin shell surrounding the star, which represents spiritual enrichment.

Paint moving from the center of the figure to the edges. In nature, sea urchins can be many colors: white, black, brown, purple, and even red, as well as blue or green; sometimes they are multi-colored. Some sea urchins, especially those living in the Pacific, are characterized by having very colorful outfits. Let your imagination run wild and create your own spiritual palette!

Coloring Book Mandala

Coloring Book Mandala of a new beginning

Take pencils or felt-tip pens and start coloring the heart of the flower. This central element of the mandala should shine like the sun, filling the drawing with positive energy. Choose a bright, warm hue to allow this mandala to reveal all its power. Then move on to painting the many petals of this majestic flower. In the corners of this bouquet-like mandala are four more flowers. We suggest you paint them in lighter colors to emphasize the power of the central flower.

4 coloring book mandala

Protection Coloring Book Mandala

To color this mandala, choose warm colors, such as sunny yellow, ochre, or even gold, to give a sparkling effect to the motifs on the sides of the gorgeous shield. Be imaginative – let your intuition guide you. Any color you choose, any ideas you have are allowed – it’s yours and yours alone, after all. Now go into the corners. Use less bright colors for them to accentuate the central shield and give your mandala a special protective power.

Coloring Book Mandala

Coloring Book Mandala of Transformation

The picture shown depicts a bowl mounted on a stone. Find the center of the figure, consisting of six intersecting triangles, and color it. Continue coloring: depending on your mood, use colors to your liking for the center part. Your intuition and heart will tell you which shades to choose. Continue coloring, moving from the center to the edges. To highlight the bowl, we suggest you choose a range of sandy, dark brown or chestnut colors, and use golden hues when painting the motifs framing its contours.

Coloring Book Mandala