Cupid Flying Over Struck by the Beauty of Psyche

Cupid Flying Over Struck by the Beauty of Psyche 2

“Cupid Flying Over Struck by the Beauty of Psyche” is a painting created by the French artist Maurice Denis in 1908. The painting depicts a mythological scene from ancient Greek mythology where Cupid, the god of love, flies in the sky and is struck by the beauty of his beloved, Psyche.

In the painting we see young Cupid flying in the clouds, holding his bow and arrow. His face expresses wonder and admiration as he saw Psyche and was struck by her beauty. Below Cupid we see the figure of Psyche lying on the ground, reaching out to the god of love.

Psyche is depicted with huge wings and glittering gold ornaments on her head and body. She looks extremely beautiful and meaningful, as if reflecting all the power of love and desire.

The painting is done in the neo-romantic style that was popular in France in those years. The colors in the painting are bright and saturated, which creates a sense of magic and mysticism. The background of the painting depicts clouds, which add to the impression of lightness and ephemerality of the mythological gods.

“Flying Cupid Struck by the Beauty of Psyche” is a fine example of neo-romantic painting illustrating mythological themes and symbols. This painting is a vivid expression of beauty and love, which are eternal themes in art.