Five Artists to Meet at The Other Art Fair’s Upcoming Brooklyn Edition

  • Oct 23.

Eriko Tsogo, “The Marriage” (2022), paper, gel pen, ink, mechanical pencil

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of The Other Art Fair, making a return to Brooklyn from November 9 to 12. This time, the fair brings together an ensemble of over 120 independent artists in a brand-new setting at ZeroSpace.

The November edition ignites with additions like an exclusive exhibition of paintings by Guest Artist Danny Cole, complimentary personalized haikus (exclusive to Thursday’s Opening Night!), a pop-up shop courtesy of OOH Baby, and an interactive AR fashion experience by Zero10. Attendees can also dive into hands-on workshops with the Secret Riso Club, custom pet portraits brought to life by Ben Lenovitz, and video portraits by Tamara Staples.

As the weekend arrives, the fair is alive with activity, attracting serious art enthusiasts and interior designers seeking fresh inspiration, as well as casual shoppers in pursuit of unique treasures. Instagram-worthy murals adorn the scene, complemented by a food and coffee menu served by Maman, and a bar that flows endlessly. This creates a unique atmosphere that has won the hearts of New York City’s adventure seekers and art lovers from all walks of life, from the mildly curious to seasoned collectors.

Here are five artists exhibiting at this upcoming edition:

Mongolian-American artist and cultural producer Eriko Tsogo navigates the diverse realms of visual art, esotericism, performance, social practice, and media as she delves into themes of identity, heritage, placemaking, longing, belonging, and the quest for a sense of home.


Charmaine Chanakira, “Strings Attached” (2022), acrylic on canvas

Charmaine Chanakira, a London-based painter with Zimbabwean roots, is an artist whose work is deeply rooted in the complexities of identity and movement. Through vibrant, brightly-colored canvases, Chanakira explores themes of decolonization and social justice.


Terra Keck, “Liquid Angels” (2023), graphite on paper

Brooklyn-based artist and performer Terra Keck is known for exploring folklore, magic, and spiritual visitation. Works in her recent solo exhibition, WRETCHED, combine traditional printmaking with mystical aesthetics from the late 1800s.


Lindsay Alexandria, “So it Goes” (2022), acrylic on wood

Lindsay Alexandria, a Brooklyn-based visual artist, draws inspiration from her upbringing surrounded by the lush landscapes of Pennsylvania. Her artistic journey has evolved to embrace oil painting as her primary medium, melding bold patterns with the ever-changing beauty of nature.


Gabriel Zea, “Go On and On with Homogenous Life” (2020), oil on wood

Colombian-American artist Gabriel Zea explores the intricate realm of traditional gender expressions through oil paintings intended to delve into how traditional ideals of masculinity and femininity can simultaneously confine and liberate individuals.


Mark your calendars for The Other Art Fair Brooklyn’s return from November 9 to 12. 

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