The best way to Draw a Portrait Utilizing Markers (5 Simple Primary Components)


Need to know the way to attract a portrait utilizing markers? Portrait is certainly a troublesome style. However that does not imply you must spend years practising one thing easier to grasp it. It is like a overseas language: you’ll be able to by no means be taught to grasp speech by studying a ebook. And in the identical approach you will not learn to draw portraits by practising nonetheless life. Typically, get right down to enterprise and do not be afraid of something.

If you wish to learn to draw Portrait Utilizing Markers in 2023, that is the information for you!


Markers are the proper instrument for rookies. Some supplies appear to oblige us to create one thing huge and vital. For instance, not everybody would dare to color an oil portray straight away. Markers, alternatively, are perceived as a instrument for “non-serious” sketches, and due to this fact give us freedom.

The fundamentals of how to attract a portrait

The best way to Draw a Portrait (Factor № 1 – Eyes)

1 1

Starting artists typically do not know how you can strategy a portrait, so I counsel you apply on elements of the face first. You’ll be able to restrict your self to pencil sketches or make elaborate drawings in shade, the principle factor is extra apply!

We’ll begin with the principle a part of the portrait, the eyes. If the artist fails to convey the mannequin’s gaze and expression, all the portrait is prone to be unsuccessful.

how to draw

So, let’s take a more in-depth have a look at the construction of the attention. The attention is formed like an almond nut. Its interior nook is barely pointed and the outer nook is rounded.

The higher a part of the iris is normally coated by the eyelid, except the eyes are extensive open – for instance, when an individual is stunned or frightened.


The eyelids are thick, however within the stylization you’ll be able to neglect it, and never to attract the attention lacrimal intimately.

Eyebrows will be drawn in a generalized approach, highlighting only some hairs, relatively than working by way of each. Distribute the lashes erratically and keep in mind that they need to be thicker on the base.

Now let’s strive to attract an eye fixed collectively

You will have
  • A clean pencil
  • Eraser (blotter)
  • Markers
  • Coloured pencils
  • White pencil or pen
image 2

Sketch the form of your eye and eyebrows with a pencil. You realize that a part of the iris is hidden beneath the higher eyelid, however when drawing it, it’s higher to attract the entire iris, after which take away the additional half with an eraser. This may make it simpler so that you can place the pupil appropriately – it is at all times within the heart of the iris.


Apply gentle shades with markers. Do not forget that eyelids are usually not flat, however have quantity – don’t paint over the lightest areas. Attempt to work with clean, jerky strokes. Do not forget to depart a white glare on the iris.


Darken the world beneath the eyebrow close to the interior nook of the attention, in addition to the higher a part of the whites and iris, to convey the quantity of the eyeball. Mark the crease of the higher eyelid with a darkish line.


Add shadow to the eyelids on the outer nook of the attention. To make the iris look livelier, draw darkish spots on it. Make the eyebrow brighter and draw within the lashes.


Use a darkish pencil to spotlight the crease of the eyelid and draw out the lashes. Attempt to make them barely totally different size and thickness. Do not forget that they’re gathered in small bunches and have a pure curve. Use a white pencil or gel pen so as to add the ultimate particulars.

And now apply drawing eyes from totally different angles
image 3

The best way to Draw a Portrait (Factor № 2 – Nostril)

Often I do not draw the nostril intimately, however solely flippantly define its form. I additionally typically paint it smaller than it’s in actuality, which is without doubt one of the strategies that makes the face extra “cartoonish” and cute.

However in any case, it’s value to grasp how the human nostril and the way to attract it.

image 4

When drawing the nostril, I barely point out the bridge of the nostril (slim or extensive), in addition to the form of the tip (sharp or spherical) and its wings. I element the male nostril a bit of greater than I do the feminine nostril.

1 2

The three-quarter view exhibits the form of the nostril higher than full-face, so a bit of extra element is required.

We could strive to attract a nostril?

You will have
  • A clean pencil
  • Eraser (blotter)
  • Markers
  • Coloured pencils
  • White pencil or pen
image 6
1 3

To begin sketch the approximate form of the nostril – the bridge, the tip, the wings, specializing in a central line to take care of symmetry.

2 2

Then draw the small print, highlighting the pencil nostrils and wings of the nostril, and take away pointless traces.

3 1

Begin working with shade from the darkest areas, however up to now solely flippantly mark them.

4 1

Step by step construct up the tone to convey quantity. Spotlight the tip of the nostril with a flare.

5 1

Draw the final particulars: make the nostrils darkish and add a bit of shadow beneath the nostril.

Now you’ll be able to strive to attract the nostril in three-quarter angle or in profile.
image 7

The best way to Draw a Portrait (Factor № 3 – lips)

The lips also can convey an individual’s temper. The corners of the lips are barely down – he is unhappy, barely up – and now he is pleased.

1 4

When drawing the lips, it’s essential to symbolize not solely their form, but additionally their quantity. The higher lip is barely overhanging the decrease lip, in order that in regular gentle it’s in shadow, and the decrease lip is barely ahead, in order that it seems lighter. The lip closure is at all times parted, however in a simplified stylised model it may also be virtually straight.

On the floor of the lips there are numerous small folds, but when you don’t try for realism, they are often drawn simplified or not to attract in any respect.

image 9
image 8

Above the higher lip there’s a small melancholy, it may be barely darkened, and between the decrease lip and the chin there’s a pit, which must also be emphasised with shadow.

Let’s strive to attract lips collectively

You will have
  • A clean pencil
  • Eraser (blotter)
  • Markers
  • Coloured pencils
  • White pencil or pen
image 10
1 5

As standard, begin with a pencil sketch. Right here it’s fairly easy.

2 3

Work with markers start with the switch of quantity. To do that, darken the decrease a part of the higher lip and go away the center of the decrease lip as gentle as potential.

3 2

Make the shadows deeper. The darkest areas are on the lip line and within the corners of the mouth.

4 2

Add particulars: use coloured pencils to flippantly hint the folds, utilizing a white pen or pencil to spotlight highlights. Completed!

Apply drawing your lips in a smile and totally different angles

image 11
image 12

The best way to Draw a Portrait (Factor № 4 – Ears)

At first look, it will appear that the auricle could be very difficult. However the diagram beneath will assist you rapidly perceive and bear in mind how the ear is drawn.

1 6

The higher a part of the ear has a curl, which resembles the letter C, and beneath is the counter-curl, which resembles the letter U. The goatee covers the ear canal, and reverse it’s the counter-goatee, easily passing into that very letter U. The decrease a part of the ear known as the lobe. Should you think about the ear as a easy form, it seems to be like an inverted pear.

To rapidly bear in mind all these guidelines, let’s draw an ear proper now!

You will have
  • A clean pencil
  • Eraser (blotter)
  • Markers
  • Coloured pencils
  • White pencil or pen
image 13
1 7

First draw the overall define of the ear. Keep in mind the inverted pear? Then add the remainder of the small print.

2 4

Mark the darkish and lightweight areas with markers to convey reduction.

3 3

Emphasize the shadows with darker markers: deepen the shadow beneath and contained in the ear, enhancing the quantity of the curls. The darkest place would be the ear canal and the world close to it.

However you have in all probability observed that in a portrait you hardly ever see the ear from that angle. Strive drawing the ears from totally different angles. I am certain you will get higher at it every time!

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Factor № 5 – Hair

To attract the hair appropriately, to begin with, look intently at the way it lies on the top and repeats its form. Attempt to think about and description their total quantity, and solely then step by step transfer on to element.

1 8

On this illustration, I’ve marked the sunshine and darkish areas that seem on the hair in regular gentle. However their location could differ relying on the place the sunshine supply is situated.

image 15

A couple of strands which are knocked out of the overall mass of hair will give your drawing liveliness.

Distinction can be essential when depicting hair – bear in mind what you have already discovered about portray shiny surfaces, and boldly introduce deep shadows.

First, apply drawing particular person strands, after which strive to attract several types of hair: straight, wavy, curly.

You will have
  • A clean pencil
  • Eraser (blotter)
  • Markers
  • Coloured pencils
  • White pencil or pen
image 16

Shifting from lighter shades to darker ones, highlighting gentle areas and including deep shadows, you add quantity and realism to your drawing.

image 18
image 19
1 9

Begin with a pencil sketch.

2 5

Use gentle markers to mark the full mass of hair. Go away areas of unpainted paper for future highlights.

3 4

Darken these elements of the hair which are in shadow to convey quantity.

4 3

Add extra shadows with darker markers and intensify a couple of strands with coloured pencils.

The best way to Draw a Portrait (Face)

To color portraits, it isn’t sufficient to know the way the person elements of the face are portrayed – it is simply as vital to recollect the overall proportions. In fact, we’re all totally different, however there are nonetheless commonplace ratios that make it simple to construct a portrait. These are easy guidelines, and you will bear in mind them very quickly.

Our predominant helpers are the principle horizontal traces. The primary is the attention line, which runs down the middle of the top.

image 21

Two extra traces divide the face into three equal elements: the brow, the nostril and the jaw. The lips are usually not strictly centered on the decrease face, however barely larger.

The gap between the eyes and the width of the temples are equal to the size of the attention. Thus, the size of the attention is 1/3 of all the width of the face. And the width of the face is roughly equal to the space from the chin to the eyebrow line.

Снимок экрана 2021 03 03 17 52 28

The wings of the nostril are on the identical vertical line because the interior corners of the eyes.

Once we draw the top in profile, the back and front of the top needs to be equal in width. On the vertical line separating them is the ear.

When drawing the oval face and chin, fastidiously observe the observance of symmetry.

1 10

This brings the fundamental classes to an finish. Within the following articles I’ll inform you how you can drawusing a marker.


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