Find out how to Draw a Volleyball [7 Easy Steps]

Volleyballs look quite simple and appear straightforward to attract, however once you choose up a pencil and begin drawing, you notice that they’re tough to signify on paper. However no have to get annoyed, as a result of this text will let you know how to attract a volleyball step-by-step.

If you wish to discover ways to draw Volleyball in 2023, that is the information for you!

Find out how to Draw a Volleyball step-by-step

How to Draw a Volleyball

Total Time: 5 minutes

Let’s start by drawing a circle [How to Draw a Volleyball]

how to draw a volleyball

Take a protractor, a coin, or an old disk to draw a perfect circle. If you want, you can take a coin, or any other round object, to circle it and draw a perfect circle.

Let’s draw three lines. Add three curved lines indicating the shape of the ball.

how to draw a volleyball

The first curved line comes out the top and slightly to the side of the ball. Then another curved line goes down. And finally the smallest line closes all the lines in a kind of a quadrangle. You’re drawing a realistic volleyball, so try to show the volume of the ball’s surface.

Draw another line to the right [How to Draw a Volleyball]

how to draw a volleyball

The line should be just as curved. These curves will give volume to our volleyball.

We draw the main lines

how to draw a volleyball

Finish drawing the main lines by drawing a small curved crossbar.

Drawing one inner line [How to Draw a Volleyball]

how to draw a volleyball

In the upper sector, draw a single curved line.

And now two more lines

how to draw a volleyball

In the right side of the ball we draw two more curved lines. They finally create the volume.

Completing the ball pattern

how to draw a volleyball

After you draw the final two long curved lines, the outline of the drawing is ready.


  • Drawing papern


  • Black markern

Materials: Colored felt-tip pens

Coloring stage

how to draw a volleyball

Draw all of the strains properly. Simply hint the outlined strains that you’ve already drawn. And prepare to paint. This may be finished in two methods.

Drawing in colour

how to draw a volleyball
  • Take a white crayon and begin coloring the white areas. While you paint with crayons, you will have to go away areas that might be painted in a unique colour, as a result of coloured crayons are arduous to combine. They don’t seem to be as delicate as pastels.
  • Fill in grey crayon unpainted areas, in order that the form of the drawing matches the form of the ball and shadow.
  • It is extremely tough to combine two coloured crayons, however it’s nonetheless attainable. All you must do is add the colour you wish to combine. In that case, take a white crayon and add some grey as the subsequent layer.

Monochrome drawing

how to draw a volleyball

After that, the ultimate step is to color over the darkish panels with a darkish pencil and apply a shadow that refluxes the drawn ball to the floor. With this construction, you possibly can see the shadow that’s within the shadow spot on the left on the underside aspect of the ball – word the sunshine edge behind the spot, that is reflux. As you already know, a shadow consists of a halftone, a tone, a glare, and a falling shadow. Study extra about shading strategies in our lesson.