How to Draw February [12 Easy Steps in 2022]

It would seem how to draw February? But in fact, there is nothing difficult. Before you start drawing, you need to remember what natural phenomena are characteristic of February.

If you want to learn how to do February Month art in 2023, this is the guide for you!

How to draw February step by step

In fact, it is still winter, although it is the last month before spring. But in February (in my state of Alaska, for example) there are blizzards, blizzards, and severe frosts. For kids, the cold is still no hindrance and they can always find something to do Рskiing or sledging from the hill, there is also an opportunity to make a snowman out of snow….

Let’s try to draw a picture of the month of February!

A step-by-step drawing of the month of February.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 2: Paint the top of the picture with purple

How to draw February step 2

(the higher, the darker)

Step 3: Fill in the bottom part with dark blue

How to draw February step 3

(How to Draw February)

Step 4: Continue to paint the sky, using blue paint

How to draw February step 4

(on the palette, dilute the blue paint with water)

Step 5: Next we use yellow for the night sky

How to draw February step 5

(How to Draw February)

Step 6

How to draw February step 6

Yellow alternates with green and dark blue

Step 7: Start drawing the spruce from top to bottom (How to Draw February)

How to draw February step 7

Winter is mostly white and black. Begin painting our February landscape from the trees. Take black paint and mix it with brown paint. Come up with a concept of how many trees you will have and a plan for planting them. Place large branches behind the trees, gradually reducing them in the background.

Step 8: Brown paint the tree (from bottom to top) and elements of the house

How to draw February step 8

The trunks of the trees are better to draw with a thick brush, for the branches take a little smaller, they should be like the curls of a beautiful girl, delicate and graceful. After drawing the tree, you need to dress it up. Dip the brush in dark green paint and press it to the branches, as if the needles will peek out from under the snow

Step 9: Separate lines draw the forest on the horizon, add volume to the branches and trunk of the tree. Lightly draw the spruce, giving it fluffiness and volume.

How to draw February step 9

Take a brush with a fluffy pile, dip it in white paint, try to make the snow lying on the branches soft and fluffy. February is the closest month to spring, which usually pleases us with sunny weather. Now let’s picture it in a picture. Take the blue helmet and mix it with the white and we have a gentle blue.

Step 10: Draw snow in white

How to draw February step 10

(How to Draw February)

Step 11

How to draw February step 11

Draw the month, the windows, add color to the horizon line

Step 12: The last step is to draw snow on the tree and falling snowflakes (How to Draw February)

How to draw February step 12

Use a paintbrush to draw clouds that float over the forest. To make our snow stand out, mix white paint with salt water and draw snow under the trees as if there was a strong wind and it blew it away. And if you want to make a February day with a snow picture, take a toothbrush, dip it in white paint and sprinkle it on the landscape (not much) it should not spoil the overall look of the picture.


  • Paper, Paints,


  • Paper, Brushes, Paints, Crayon

Materials: Paper, Brushes, Paints, Crayon