How to Draw Leprechaun [9 Easy Steps]

Do you want to know how to draw leprechaun? An eraser, a pencil, and paper are all you need. You can also use colored pencils or other tools to add color to your finished drawing.

If you want to learn how to draw a Leprechaun in 2023, this is the guide for you!

how to draw leprechaun

Leprechauns are a mythical figure of Irish folklore who have been adopted as a sign of St. Patrick’s Day. By definition, they are fairies in the form of elderly people. Indeed, in ancient Irish, the words “leprechaun” mean “little body.”
And they say that leprechauns are loners who live far away from people. They are often depicted as craftsmen who make shoes or other objects. They are also said to have pots of ancient gold, which they collected from burials of the past.

The earliest mention of the leprechaun is in medieval sources under the title “The Adventure of Fergus, Son of Lethey“. Here King Fergus is asleep on the beach, and when he wakes up, he is dragged out of the water by three dwarfs. They catch him and give him three wishes in return for their release.
Early leprechaun art often showed little men in red jackets, sometimes wearing pointed hats with no brim. The current depiction arose from stereotypes about the Irish.

How to Draw Leprechaun step-by-step

Total Time: 25 minutes

Let’s draw a hat [How to Draw Leprechaun]

how to draw leprechaun

At this moment, let’s draw a hat in the form of a semi-circle and an halo.

Now let’s do the face [How to Draw Leprechaun]

how to draw leprechaun

And then draw a hat and head. Then erase the guide lines from your face, and then remove the hat and hair. To make the hat, draw a long line from one side of your head and draw a long curved line from other sides of your head. At the same point on another side, bring this across the head and put it at the same place in the opposite direction. A hat that looks like the one you had on your head, draw it with a shorter curved line. In order to draw the ears, it is important to make them as a steep and slightly curved triangle. A smaller triangle in the middle of all, draw it into one and two.
As an example, using the hat brim, fold into one of the rectangles and then turn into other rounds over the brim. This will form itself as “buckle”. From the buckle towards the hat, draw an asymmetrical line. And then paint the pupil. For each eye, draw one square in its center and color it. It is necessary to draw a curved shape over each and create eyebrows. Draw a mouth by drawing two curved line and placing 2 more in its place to show the teeth, as well as the position of the teeth and tongue.
Short curved lines, draw the jagged edge of the beard and hair near the eyes. Using short straight lines, draw the jagged edges of the beard and a tuft of hair near the ears.

Sketch a sketch of the Leprechaun jacket [How to Draw Leprechaun]

how to draw leprechaun

It is important to note that long lines are used to shape the clasp of jacket and shorter line used to shape the sleeves.

Then draw the leprechaun’s pants [How to Draw Leprechaun]

how to draw leprechaun

During a long stretch of time, draw parallel straight lines to form the waistband. In the end, take longer, almost straight lines to draw out the legs of the pants. With short curved lines, you can outline the pant legs at the top.

Detail the shirt

how to draw leprechaun

The curved line should be drawn, neatly sharpened in two places. For a second time, draw another curved line, also neatly sharpened to go through the first one. In one of them, draw a button in one of them. On the belt, draw a square as an inner-circle in order to form The Belt Buckle.

Let’s draw the feet and the boots

how to draw leprechaun

A very long and U-shaped line, as well curved shapes are used to create an arm. With the help of long andU-shape lines together with large rectangular or straightened ones is possible to create it. Just make short lines from every pant leg. With a long curved line, give the shape of shoe with a long curved line. On the curve, that is formed by the tongue of shoes and overlap distinguishing its heel. Then trace the feet with horizontal line and mark toes.

Let’s draw hands [How to Draw Leprechaun]

how to draw leprechaun

Before you begin, let’s finish drawing the leprechaun hands

Now let’s draw a clover in the leprechaun’s hand

how to draw leprechaun

A leprechaun drawing has been prepared, the only thing that’s left is to paint. It is often seen that Leprechauns are dressed in green clothing and have red hair.


  • A pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.


  • A pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.

Materials: A pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.