How to Draw Lightyear 2022 [9 Easy Steps]

In this lesson you will learn how to draw Lightyear. It is very difficult to draw. I will try to simplify it, so you can repeat it too. It’s a complicated drawing. I don’t even know if I can do it or not, because there are so many details in Lightyear and I will simplify it. Watch how I draw Lightyear.

If you want to learn how to draw Buzz Lightyear in 2023, this is the guide for you!

how to draw Lightyear

9 steps were decided to be divided into this lesson. The previous lessons were simple, so we did not try to do a lot of stages lately. The concept of “intermediate skill level” does not exclude this lesson. The drawing is extremely complex, it has several different level of color and contains several levels of shadows. So hurry up and get your full set of markers and then you shouldn’t have to worry about shadows. Among the other goals, we are all standard: try to draw as much of the second line and as exactly in time. Do not worry about experiments or do not fear experiments, clearly observe every step of the course. That’s all.

How to Draw Lightyear

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1 – How to Draw Lightyear

how to draw Lightyear

Drawing really like this without a pencil and just a felt-tip pen is quite difficult such a groove I now draw his eyes.

Step 2

how to draw Lightyear

Draw Lightyear face, head and eyebrows of the eyes, nose, mouth and neck. The drawing is drawn by lightyear: face, head, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and neck. In addition, add a hat with purple on his head. Draw an circle on his chin with the dimple in its middle.

Step 3 – How to Draw Lightyear

how to draw Lightyear

Green suit with three differently colored button (blue, green and red) draw a Green suit with three differently colors. In the center, on the left is a yellow suit with “Light Year” printed on it, and red circles indicating the year. A blue suit with a picture of the “space ranger” and a planet is on the jacket.

Step 4

how to draw Lightyear

As Lightyear’s head is clear and shiny, add an helmet to him so that his helmet is in the clear color of light and bright, and two yellow button on one side.

Step 5 – How to Draw Lightyear

how to draw Lightyear

At the same time, draw both Lightyear hands with white balls in first and second. Four hands with green and white, each with green and white. It was his second right hand, which had the yellow band with white “LASER” and red round button. In the fourth hand, their little hands were looked like red blinkers. 

Step 6

how to draw Lightyear

On your left hand, in the lower right corner, draw a small blue airplane and two black lines. He drew himself a wrist communicator. In it was found his open communicator with stickers on the speakers.

Step 7 – How to Draw Lightyear

how to draw Lightyear

Wings of Lightyear draw the two green and red wings, then draw Lightyear wings between two blue and green. A red and white stripes with purple underneath are the colors of both wings.

Step 8

how to draw Lightyear

Draw two purple lines that are on his waist, on his white and black thigh. His green on the next thigh, two white feet with green shoes, the bottom of his feet is purple.

Step 9 – How to Draw Lightyear

how to draw Lightyear

Here we have drawn our Lightyear. I hope you enjoyed this simple and easy drawing lesson.


  • Drawing paper


  • Black marker

Materials: Colored markers

If you have a toy then sketch and try to draw all the little things, for example caps and letters, buttons. If you have other pictures or toys, then also try to sketch it is very helpful in developing skills in drawing.