How you can Draw Mangosteen Fruit [7 Easy Steps]


On this lesson you’ll learn to draw mangosteen. Mangosteen fruit is a tropical fruit with a singular style and look. Its exterior is a deep purple colour, whereas the inside is a delicate white flesh with a deliciously candy and tangy taste. If you wish to learn to draw mangosteen fruit, comply with these seven simple steps.

How you can Draw Mangosteen Fruit step-by-step

How to Draw Mangosteen Fruit

Total Time: 14 minutes

Step 1: Draw a circle [How to Draw Mangosteen Fruit]

To start drawing a mangosteen, draw a circle on your paper. This circle will be the main shape of the fruit.u003cbru003e

Step 2: Draw a cross [How to Draw Mangosteen Fruit]

Next, draw a cross through the circle. This will help you determine where the different parts of the fruit will be located. The horizontal line of the cross will be the widest part of the mangosteen, while the vertical line will be where the fruit splits in half.u003cbru003e

Step 3: Sketch the outer layer [How to Draw Mangosteen Fruit]

Now, draw a line that curves around the circle, following the shape of the fruit. This will be the outer layer of the mangosteen. Make the line bumpy and uneven to give it a more realistic look.u003cbru003e

Step 4: Add the stem

At the top of the circle, draw a small line for the stem. The stem of a mangosteen is usually short and curved, so keep that in mind when drawing it.u003cbru003e

Step 5: Draw the leaves

Mangosteen fruit is often depicted with small leaves at the top of the stem. Draw a few small, pointed leaves above the stem to give your drawing more detail.u003cbru003e

Step 6: Shade the fruit

Using a pencil or other shading tool, shade in the outer layer of the fruit. Mangosteen has a dark purple color, so use a darker shade to create a realistic look. You can also add shading around the stem and leaves to create more depth.u003cbru003e

Step 7: Add details

To finish your drawing, add some small details to the outer layer of the fruit. Draw small, curved lines to represent the ridges in the fruit. You can also add some shading to the white flesh inside the fruit to make it look more realistic.u003cbru003e

With these seven steps, it’s best to now have the ability to draw a practical mangosteen fruit. Bear in mind to take your time and apply to enhance your abilities. With just a little little bit of apply, you can draw a delicious-looking mangosteen that may make your mouth water!

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