Easy methods to Make a Coin Gun [11 Easy Steps] DIY


On this submit you’ll learn to make a Coin gun with your individual palms. This youngsters’ toy was first created in 1945 in the US for amusement parks. MacGlashan created his personal gun to shoot American nickels, offering sales space operators with revenue from the cash used to win prizes. The sales space operator was purported to arrange a prize that must be dropped off the shelf to get it.

How to Make a Coin Gun

Prizes could be picked up by the material behind the prize cash, and the operators would gather their each day earnings due to the prizes. And MacGlashan designed the pistols to look precisely like computerized pistols in caliber. 38. A big spring fires a coin and a second smaller spring gives the look of a recoil of an computerized bolt.

At this time, nobody makes such toys anymore. That is why you and I’ll make our personal –°oin gun.

This toy is fascinating leisure for kids and youngsters. Within the strategy of its creation a baby develops wonderful motor abilities and inventive pondering. Whereas utilizing the coin gun, the marksmanship is skilled. We advocate utilizing empty paper cups as targets.

WARNING! This toy is to be used by youngsters over 7 years outdated. Don’t use the coin pistol on folks or pets.

Coin Gun Step-by-Step

Total Time: 25 minutes

And cut them out with scissors

And cut them out with scissors

Glue the halves together [How to Make a Coin Gun]

Now take superglue smear on one of the halves and glue them to increase the thickness of the obtained 3-th of these details should also be glued to the whole card on the sides.

This is a retractable mechanism where you can put a coin

Be sure to check for excessive friction in the path of the piston.

Cut both cards just right for this piston [How to Make a Coin Gun]

Place the piston handle on the plastic card and circle it. First on one, then on the other. Carefully cut it off. The handle should fit perfectly into the cut out circle.

Cut off the neck of a plastic bottle

Take a bottle from her I cut the neck and a little sandpaper to smooth the plane and the same diameter holes should be shot in the card.u003cbru003eUse the drill bit to drill the hole. If you don’t have the right diameter drill bit, or tool, use a knife. Heat the blade over a fire and cut the hole.

Glue the neck to the hole on the card [How to Make a Coin Gun]

Very carefully we combine the neck and the hole and also glue together with superglue.

Glue the two halves of the structure together

Now all that’s left is to attach this cover to the main structure

Making slots with a file for the rubber band [How to Make a Coin Gun]

If we put some coins in the throat we get a semi-automatic bullet, but without rubber bands that will create force. For this purpose I made a couple of cuts in the card with a small file.

Put on the elastic bands by folding them twice

Use rubber bands. If you don’t have them, you can use elastic bands.

Coin pistol ready

That’s it. We have got an automatic coin pistol, only we need to load coins into the magazine in the form of a neck and twist it. Just be careful because the coin is still heavy and flies pretty fast.

This text relies on this video.