Tips on how to Make Christmas Balls [13 Great Ideas]

On this lesson you will discover a collection of concepts and step-by-step directions on the right way to make Christmas balls. All of the strategies are examined, the difficulties are taken into consideration. I need to warn you prematurely: the method of making toys can result in habit. The pastime will flip right into a occupation, the occupation – right into a profitable enterprise, after which – out on the world market and the creation of an enormous household company … There isn’t any hurt in dreaming!

Tips on how to Make Christmas Balls [Ideas and step-by-step instructions]

How to Make Christmas Balls step-by-step

Total Time: 27 minutes

A balloon decorated butterflies [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. You can see the u0022equatoru0022 connection line of the foam balls. Start pinning the butterflies along this line in a circle. u003cbru003e2. Move to the second circle by pinning the butterflies in a staggered pattern above the equator line. u003cbru003e3. Decorate first the top of the ball and then the bottom. u003cbru003e4. Use pins to fasten the bow and loop. u003cbru003e5. The balloon is ready. You can admire. Similarly, you can decorate the ball with sequins, beads, buttons – almost any material. Imagine and experiment…

A ball of cord and beads [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Use a sharp object (the end of a knife or a screwdriver) to mark the beginning of the work – make a small hole and insert the end of the cord into it. For greater reliability, drip some glue to fix the cord. u003cbru003e2. Then around the fixed end make a semicircle with hot melt glue and glue the cord – this will be the first turn of our spiral. u003cbru003e3. Now glue the Christmas beads as close as possible to the first coil. u003cbru003e4. Decorate the whole ball in the same way. Glue the spirals tightly together, alternating one coil of cord, one coil of Christmas beads. u003cbru003e5. Hide the end of the cord in the same way as the beginning. The ball is ready. It remains to attach the bow and loop – and you can hang it on the Christmas tree.

A ball of spider webs [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Select balls of the desired size (you can use Styrofoam blanks or tennis balls, etc.). Wrap the ball in one or two layers of clingfilm. u003cbru003e2. Wrap the glue-soaked yarn around the ball. u003cbru003e3. Decorate the surface of the ball. u003cbru003e4. Leave to dry for 24 hours, using the shoulders. u003cbru003e5. Cut the balloon with manicure scissors in a circle, 0.5 cm short. Carefully remove the base ball. 6. Apply superglue to the cut. Connect the halves of the ball so that the threads coincide. Lightly press the halves together; the glue will dry in a few seconds. The balloon is ready.

Embossed paper ball [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Find, download, and print a five-petal flower pattern online. u003cbru003e2. Cut out the template. u003cbru003e3. Using the template, cut out 12 flowers from colored cardboard. Make slits at the base of the petal. It is important that all the slits are on the same side, otherwise the ball will not come together. u003cbru003e4. If you are planning to make additional decorations, do so at this point. u003cbru003e5. Prick one of the pieces with a needle. Thread through and fasten the thread. u003cbru003e6. Connect the parts (flowers) to each other. u003cbru003e7. The ball is ready! 8 You can experiment and assemble the ball from other shapes.

Patchwork ball [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Divide the ball into 6 or 8 segments using string. Try to make sure the segments are the same. Fix the thread with a needle at the intersection of the threads. u003cbru003e2. Draw lines along the threads with a gel pen, these will be the cut points. Remove the threads. u003cbru003e3. Make notches along the lines on the base with a knife. u003cbru003e4. Draw and then cut out the required number of segments from the fabric. u003cbru003e5. Carefully tuck the fabric segments into the notches on the base. Use a nail file to do this. To prevent the fabric from slipping, you can pre-spray the ball with PVA glue. u003cbru003e6. Glue hot-melt tape (decorative cord, twine, beads) along the lines of the notches. u003cbru003e7. Decorate the ball with a pretty bow and glue a loop. You can glue a tassel to the bottom of the balloon. 8 Is it pretty? Experiment with fabrics of different textures.

The ball in the bag [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Cut a flap from pantyhose that fits the size of the balloon. You can experiment with the size of the flap by wrapping the ball in a paper square or circle. Cut off the excess as needed – the pattern is ready! u003cbru003e2. Wrap the ball with fabric so that the ends are on top. u003cbru003e3. Sew a few stitches at the top to close the hole. Tighten the thread. u003cbru003e4. Cover the stitches with ribbon. u003cbru003e5. If desired, you can decorate the ball with sequins, beads or beads. Done!

Country style ball [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. From the attachment point of the ear, glue the twine onto the ball with spiral turns. Make sure that the glue does not protrude, and if the glue does run out, remove the excess with a toothpick while it is still warm. u003cbru003e2. Cover the entire ball with the twine by twist. u003cbru003e3. Cut the thread and glue the end of the twine. u003cbru003e4. You can paint the ball with spray paint. u003cbru003e5. Glue decorative cords, beads, lace, ribbon with hot melt glue.

Vintage ball [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Tear the newspaper into small pieces. u003cbru003e2. Tape the ball randomly with the newspaper scraps. Make sure there are no empty spaces. u003cbru003e3. Dab the balloon again with PVA glue and sprinkle with glitter. u003cbru003e4. Leave the ball to dry.

Balloons on a balloon [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Put glue on a small part of the ball. u003cbru003e2. Glue the beads on. Allow to dry. Glue the next section of the balloon again, glue the beads and so on until you have filled the entire surface of the balloon. Be sure to let the glue dry, otherwise all the beauty may crumble. u003cbru003e3. Decorate with ribbon. u003cbru003e4. Glue on the loop.

A ball of cones [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Prepare the cones: remove the seeds, shake out the sand. u003cbru003e2. Use a sponge to apply white paint to the edges of the cones to create a snow effect. Decorate the wet paint with glitter – let the snow sparkle. Allow to dry. u003cbru003e3. Use hot melt glue to glue the cones onto the ball. u003cbru003e4. Fill the gaps between the cones with ribbon flowers, beads or bits of tinsel. u003cbru003e5. Glue on the loop. The ball is ready! Cones can be replaced by acorns, dried rose berries, non-fragile dried flowers. Do not limit your imagination.

A sisal ball [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Put glue on the ball. u003cbru003e2. The sesal does not need to be stripped into threads, we will use small bundles. Sesal is a very elastic material, and it fits well to the shape. Wrap the entire balloon in sesal without any gaps. If the fibers are loose from the shape, you can fix them with a few coils of thread. u003cbru003e3. Decorate the ball: glue a bow, beads, sequins – whatever you like. Glue a loop.

Ball in decoupage technique [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Apply the white paint to the base. u003cbru003e2. Allow the paint to dry. If you want a colored background, paint the ball the desired color and dry it again. u003cbru003e3. Cut out a picture from a napkin. Some mistresses recommend tearing the picture by tacking the background of the napkin to leave rough edges. u003cbru003e4. Peel the napkin. The resulting translucent picture should be glued to the ball. u003cbru003e5. Place the picture on the surface of the balloon. Cover the picture with glue from the center to the edges. Lift the edge, letting air out where necessary and smooth it out with a brush. u003cbru003e6. Repeat step 6 with the second picture, then the third, etc. until the composition is complete. u003cbru003e7. Leave the ball to dry for 12 hours. u003cbru003e8. Polish and sprinkle with glitter. The balloon will last for a long time.

New life for an old light bulb [How to Make Christmas Balls]

how to make Christmas balls

1. Use a sponge to paint the light bulb. At least three coats of paint should be applied and each coat should be dried to ensure even coloration. u003cbru003e2. Sometimes air bubbles may appear when painting in multiple coats. To remove them, take fine sandpaper and smooth out the surface. u003cbru003e3. Start decorating. You can paint with acrylic paints, you can use the technique of decoupage, you can glue sequins, snowflakes, beads, beads, sequins – let your imagination run wild! u003cbru003e4. Now start decorating the base of the bulb. Also use your imagination: you can glue a spiral of twine, ribbon, braid or decorative cord. u003cbru003e5. Glue the loop.


  • glue gun;nPVA glue;npolyurethane glue (superglue);nflat synthetic brushes;nacrylic paints;nwater-based acrylic varnish;n


  • scissors;nneedles;nthreads;ndressmaker’s pins;nStyrofoam and plastic balls;ncolorful scraps of fabric;n

Materials: cotton and elastic lace;ncolored paper and cardboard;nsatin and kapron ribbons;ntwine;nPlant materials: cones, acorns, dried flowers, etc;nbeads, beads, paillettes, sequins, rhinestones.

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