This is what I did with this hoodie

In the beginning there was an ordinary jacket with a hood. Too empty, without drawings and emblems. An ordinary gray piece of fabric, skillfully sewn by Bangladesh underground masters. This sweatshirt must have changed many owners before it found itself in a store of supported items.

Такой вот ее и купил

Could not pass by peacefully hanging on a hanger such an alluring canvas. The idea for the art did not take long. Something stylish, loud, bright and at the same time not pretentious. Yes, the musical theme ideally suited to this kind of closet. The next graffiti and turnip and other attributes of street culture did not cause and do not cause positive emotions, especially it is everywhere, everyone has it. But electronic music, with its glittering explosive images in my imagination perfectly laid on this gray canvas. It was decided to depict the logos of the most significant artists of the EDM genre on the whole surface.

What he used:
1) Black and blue inks for fabric

2) Black circuit

3) The contour sacred in the dark

4) Luminofor turquoise and yellow

Баночка с голубой краской кончилась и не попала на фото

It is a pleasure to walk at night in such a dress. You are always a source of light and attention. And the good news is that this glowing hoodie was once just a gray hoodie.

scale 1200
scale 1200
scale 1200