How to Draw a Girl ( Top 9 Easy Ideas)

If you want to learn how to draw a girl in 2023, this is the guide for you!

Proportions of the female figure

How to Draw a Girl

Before you know how to draw a girl, you should remember the proportions of the human body. The proportions of the male and female body differ only slightly. The main anatomical difference is narrower shoulders and wider hips.

The chest slightly lower on male body than on male body. As in male, female waist located at dividing line between third and fourth blocks, but female waist narrower and closer to chest than male. When viewed from side, curve back more pronounced than in men, making buttocks more prominent. One most important factors in creating a good pattern female figure the position waist at right height, slightly lower than in men; this one anatomical features that give female body its characteristic shape.

Contour, back and front

Female contour is softer in its transitions from one area to another than that male. Buttocks project beyond vertical line indicated by shoulders, and contour legs describes a less pronounced diagonal than that male. Viewed from behind, most striking feature female figure is pronounced contour of the back and hips, clearly outlined by waist. Relief female torso is much less dictated by shapemuscles.

Female head

How to Draw a Girl

There are several features that clearly distinguish female head from male head. The male head is generally more angular than female head, which tends to be rounder. The bone structure is more pronounced in male face; female profile has softer features, an oval face and a more convex forehead.

How to draw a naked girl in pencil

First step is to fix main contours, that is, lines that best represent general movement of figure. In preliminary sketch it is not necessary to trace previous sketch, as this is unnecessary due to sketchy nature of sketch, although it is useful to mentally calculate dimensions and proportions of figure.

How to Draw a Girl

Often elaboration of outline and first model lines occur simultaneously. Both occur at any moment, so that shaded area or volume can be made whole by simply varying strokes and suggestions of outline lines.

How to Draw a Girl

Common pencil lines are not only a way to express volume, but also a common basic tone, which we can n emphasize in meaningful places. When drawing, we feel volume almost intuitively by applying more or less pressure on pencil. If we clamp pencil completely with palm of our hand, we can control direction of line and prevent it from becoming too intense.

How to Draw a Girl

This drawing, based on light pencil shading, conveys profile of figure and strength of masses without depicting m with complete accuracy. It emphasizes volumes and reliefs of body, while avoiding harshness and contrasts of light and dark, respecting unity of form.

How to draw a naked girl

How to draw a girl with clothes on

First we create a small preliminary sketch of model. We start by sketching spine line and oval of head, and around this structure it will insert various body parts. Then, using length of a piece of white chalk, we sketch a light that illuminates back of model.

How to draw a girl

First lines on paper should have a purely structural function. We draw spine line and oval of head. Sketchily we determine profile of body and position of arms with no more than a curve and an oval.

How to draw a girl

Contour lines are multiplied because we are trying to correct size of different areas and give proportions to each body part. For this purpose, we marked waist line and folds on arms. Drawing contour should be left open, without completely connecting lines, so re is a possibility to round off shape with shading.
Accents with white chalk complement previous shading and emphasize texture and volumetric appearance of dress.

How to draw a girl

We work in more detail, tracing details of clothes with tip of white chalk. Remember that to emphasize texture of clothes, it is useful to add a light shading to accents, clearly separating light area of each fold from its shaded part. result is a great pattern that alternates between smooth transitions and slightly darker, charcoal accents: all nuanced by subtle accents in white chalk.

How to draw a girl

How to draw a girl in pastels

Pastels are usually combined with other drawing media such as chalk or charcoal to broaden the range of tones. Pastel, because of its color, is much smoother, lighter and warmer than anthracite. In this exercise, the artist shows us how to build up the model’s body tones from a combination of pastel with burgundy and black chalk. These three colors combined with white paper are more than enough to create sketches, designs and works that require detailed chromatic expression.

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How to draw the contours of a girl

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How to draw a girl who is sitting

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How to draw a girl who lies down

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How to draw a naked girl after a shower

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How to draw a girl with a baby

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How to draw a girl with a dog

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