Important Scrapbooking Tools (Top 29)

Scrapbooking is a hobby (a type of craft or handicraft), the essence of which – in the manufacture and design of photo albums on various topics (family, wedding, children’s, etc.), using newspaper clippings, drawings, memorable things, etc.

If you want to get into scrapbooking in 2023, this guide is for you!

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Also in the technique of scrapbooking can be made cards, frames, boxes, calendars, notebooks, wedding invitations. Although cardmaking is called cardmaking, it is closely related to scrapbooking because they use the same techniques, techniques, materials, etc.

Scrapbooking tools and materials

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Scrapbooking uses a fairly large number of tools, materials and decorations. And if to describe the tools is not difficult, then to list the materials and decorations – a very difficult thing, because as a decor can be absolutely any thing, objects and devices. The main thing is always to connect your imagination to the action – and a satisfactory result will not make you wait long.

Consider the tools, materials and decorations that are most often used by scrapers in their “not easy” hobby, and you can decide for yourself – what you can not do scrapbooking without, and without what you can easily do, at least at first.

Acrylic block

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The acrylic block is designed for easy use of silicone and rubber stamps without a base. The blocks come in a variety of sizes. Ideally, a scraper should have several different sized blocks.

Antistatic pad

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An antistatic pad is needed to remove static electricity from the sheet on which you are going to do embossing. This pad should be used at the beginning of your work. Before making an imprint, just run it lightly over the surface of the sheet. This way, all the excess embossing powder will fall off and you’ll have a neat, convex pattern.

The binder

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The binder is used to punch holes and attach album pages to springs. It’s quite an expensive accessory, but it’s worth it: your albums will look much neater than stapled with rings.

Tinting and inking tool

The tool for tinting and applying ink to the stamp is a wooden holder to which interchangeable sponges are attached.

Pencils, pens, and markers

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Pencils, pens, and markers. A pencil should be sharp – this is the main rule. It is easier and more convenient to use such a pencil for marking and copying tracings on paper. To draw neat, thin lines, it is best to use a mechanical pencil.

If you get carried away with coloring stamp prints, then you should definitely buy a set of watercolor pencils and brushes.

The scrapbooking technique also uses a pen (you can also use a set of colorful ones): it is with its help that you will leave your memories on the scrap-album paper. The main thing is that it should be of archival quality, i.e. with non-fading ink.

In addition, there are special markers for scrapbooking that disappear over time. This is very handy – pencil marks need to be wiped off, while you don’t have to worry about markers, and your work will always look tidy. You can write by using special calligraphic markers. Scraper cannot do without a lacquer marker, which can be used to write on the glossy surface of photos.

In addition, scrapbooking uses markers with different effects – with a velvet effect, volume, as well as markers with glitter. There are markers with two tips: thin – for writing and brush – for coloring pictures, letters, imprints of stamps.


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Glue. There are a huge number of adhesives and tools designed specifically for scrapbooking.

As for PVA glue, you can use it when making a scrapbook or postcard, but you should glue only small parts (lace, buttons), which are not subject to deformation. If you decide to use it for gluing the pages of the album, be prepared for the fact that after a while they will warp and lose their original look. Also, do not use rubber glue, stationery glue, or glue with animal ingredients (casein glue) in scrapbooking as they will eventually bleed through on paper and photos.

In scrapbooking, you can also use a “gun” with hot glue, and it is best to glue small parts, such as buttons. By the way, once this glue cools, it becomes inelastic, so it is not convenient to glue large surfaces.

But for this purpose, glue spray is ideal. It is easy to apply, good glue, but harmful to health – very toxic. Also toxic and adhesives series “Moment” – they need to work carefully and constantly ventilate the room. However, they adhere well to various parts, do not crumple the paper. If you need to glue large surfaces, it’s still not a bad option.

The mat is self-healing

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All cuts made with a sharp dummy knife or other cutting object will soon heal themselves. But don’t think that this mat is forever: it will last you about two years with medium use. It can be replaced with thick cardboard and a puffy magazine, too. The main thing is to have protection on your desk when you’re making art, or else in Otherwise, it won’t be long before the table will soon turn into a pile of sawdust. But to work on cardboard or a magazine is not as comfortable.

Ruler for scrapbooking

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The ruler for scrapbooking must be made of iron. Its length should not be less than 30 cm, and better – all 50 cm. With the help of the first one it is convenient to work with small sheets of paper, the second will come in handy when marking and cutting large sheets, such as designer cardboard or paper (their size can be 70 x 100 cm) and scrap paper with dimensions of 30.5 x 30.5 cm.


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Masks are reverse stencils, i.e., to apply a pattern to the surface to be decorated, you have to glue a mask on it, apply paint over it, and the drawing is ready! As you can see, the masks are quite simple and easy to use. They are made of acrylic or flexible plastic, they can be glued and unglued as many times as you want – the mask will not lose its properties for a long time.


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The Minimister is a small atomizer bottle in which water or paint is poured. It can be used to spray the contents onto paper and produce a fine spray that gives energy and dynamism to your work.


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Knives can be model knives, roller knives, and circular knives. In scrapbooking, you can use any type, and an ordinary stationery knife will also do.


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You should have at least three pairs of scissors; one pair for cutting paper and ribbon, a second pair for cutting tape, and one pair of nail scissors for cutting out small details. There are also shaped scissors, with which you can get beautiful edges and patterns. Nowadays, there are various kinds of such scissors on sale: “waves”, “zigzags”, etc.


When making a scrapbook page or postcard, it often happens that you need to glue a very small detail that is difficult to hold with your fingers. This is where tweezers come in handy.


Cutters are designed for easy cutting of paper and cardboard. There are three types: roller cutters (or disc cutters, trimmers), saber cutters, and guillotine cutters. The cutters are divided into mechanical (manual) and electric.


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The stylus is a tool used for embossing or making a creasing groove that avoids paper jams and makes the crease even.


Stencils make it possible to decorate paper with a drawing by transferring it with a stylus, sponge, or paint through patterns cut out on the stencil plate onto paper. Stencils can be made of metal, plastic, plastic, wood, paper, etc.

Installer of eyelets

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You can meet all kinds: it can be a set consisting of a hammer, several punching nozzles and a nozzle for fixing the eyelets, or it can be a set of punches of different diameters in the form of a stick, on one side of which – a mechanism for punching a hole of a certain diameter, and on the other – the fixation of the eyelets. There are also special (quite expensive) tools, such as Cropodile.

Wet Embossing Hair Dryer

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An ordinary hair dryer will not work – they have completely different principles of operation. However, a hair dryer for embossing can be replaced by a construction hair dryer. By the way, you can also melt the powder over the stove (taking care!) or over an iron. Just do not bring the sheet too close to these heating devices: firstly, you can elementary burn the work, and secondly, it may warp and smooth it is no longer possible.

Shaped punches

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A hole punch is a mechanical device for punching holes in paper. There are a great many of these tools on the scrapbooking market. They come in different designs and sizes, the size of the resulting elements may vary from a few millimeters to several centimeters.

Shape cutter

The shape cutter is indispensable for making postcards and scrapbook pages, because it can easily cut out any shape according to a special stencil. Some models of shape cutters can be used without a stencil.

Other tools

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  • Stamps
  • Brads
  • Clips
  • Pins
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glitter
  • Liquid pearls
  • Ink for stamps

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